Saturday, August 23, 2008

Showing Off Your Knickers

During my walk through San Francisco, I noticed a few residents hanging their undergarments to dry outside their balcony. The 2nd shot is a close up.

I wouldn't want my underwear displayed in public like that.

Have a nice weekend!

- Karen


Rune Eide said...

Everyone to their own!

PS I know rowanberries exist in Canada at least. They are edible, but they are extremely sour and bitter. However, the birds love them

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

I've never really been one to hang my clothes out to dry where everyone can see them..but if I lived really high up, I might be willing to do it figuring most people wouldn't even be able to see that close :)
Have a great weekend.

Gerald (SK14) said...

I remember seeing lots of washing hanging out to dry from high-rise dwellings in Singapore.

I'm not familiar with SF but surely it is more environmentally friendly than using an electric dryer.

dot said...

Like you, I wouldn't want to expose my "drawers" either.
Funny I just came from Picture This where Daryl had posted abandoned bras!

Neva said...

I am with you on the keeping my underwear out of the public view!!! Nice shot..One of the best shots I got in SF was in Chinatown of laundry out on the balconies. I haven't used it yet..... but this reminds me of that.....(that was on the bus tour Eric and I did)

Rainer said...

Another global perspective on an American condition: Very common to hang out undergarments in Germany and Australia. No one bothers. The problem are not undergarments or the person wearing them but the people who focus, especially in "close up," on undergarments and all pictures of so called indecency. Prudery and voyeurism often are one and the same thing.