Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Fisherman

I was visiting Monterey Bay last month and photographed this statue called "The Fisherman". The inscription at the base of the statue reads

"We dedicate this monument, The Fisherman, by artist Jesse Corsaut, to those who made a living from the riches of the sea, the families they supported and who, in turn, supported them. We appreciated their love of and respsect for Monterey Bay, around which a unique culture developed and this community was created."

Not far from the above statue was this lone houseboat. Perhaps one of these fishermans lives in such an abode.

- Karen


Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

Interesting. Life on the seas - that would be a whole other existence. Although I love the water, I don't think I could live on a boat like that! I'd get seasick!

Neva said...

HI Karen! Such a great statue....and I love the little boat house....It is so good to see your photos again! I love your stuff and I don't think I mentioned I like your knew profile picture!!!

dot said...

I wouldn't want to live on the boat but I'd love to have it for a get-a-way.
The statue is really nice. What a talent to be able to make something that looks so real.