Monday, August 04, 2008

On the Edge

I went to Grand Canyon for the first time a few months back. Here are a few pictures of tourists on the edge of the South Rim enjoying the views. The canyon is SO BIG that I was just in awe. Pictures won't do it justice.

On the popular overlooks, there are some bars to keep you from falling into the abyss, but most of the rim had no barriers. Click on the photos to get a closer look unless you get vertigo.

In the last photo, there is actually a gift shop, a small museum, and artist studio built right onto the edge of the canyon. From what I understand, there are several inns that are also built on the rim. What a sight that must be looking out your window during the day, but at night it could be a little eerie.

- Karen


Rune Eide said...

One needs more than an ordinary wide-angled lens to do justice to a place like that! Impressive.

Thank you for sharing!

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

yea, our cameras won't do it justice...but you did a pretty darn good job. I love the Grand Canyon :)