Friday, August 29, 2008

Kayaking For a Cause

The women from 5 different organizations including Sea Gals are kayaking to raise money for cancer research.

Also, in the top photo, if you look in the background, you can almost see the "First & Last Chance Saloon" I posted about a few days ago.

- Karen


dot said...

That's certainly a good cause. Colorful pictures!

Jim Klenke said...

Thats a neat way to raise money and attention. It may be hard to do that in Dallas.

Anonymous said...

Quite often, when I hear someone doing this or that for charity, I feel that I would love to do it just for its own sake, if someone would cover the bills. Paddling is one of the activities that falls to this category.
We don't see lot of this kind of charity things in Finland, but if these women pay their own bills and in addition to that they've spent hours on getting sponsors, then it really is admirable thing from them.
If these women are so successful on getting sponsors, that sponsors start covering their bills, etc., then I am bit more sceptical about what is so great about charity work (in comparison to doing lobbying for some good cause).