Sunday, August 30, 2009

Any Guesses?

Saw several of these unique configurations on the street this weekend.
Can anyone guess what they might be used for?

- Karen


dot said...

If there was a seat they would look like the old timey bicycles.
I hope someone will know.

Christian BOCHET said...

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A très bientôt.

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30 août 2009 09:46

betchai said...

a bike rack? hmmm, frankly, i do not have idea :(

photowannabe said...

Not sure but I agree with Dot's answer. Maybe its a fancy bike rack ????
CA. State Fair goes until Labor Day. If you do have that giant can of Raid maybe it would work on the ANTS.

AJ said...

just like them, i think its an artistic bike wheel..but it can be something used for exercise.

mind-boggling :)

Sue said...

I know a 3 year old that would love going through them... over and over but you said they were on the street not in a play ground.

HereBeDragons said...

I was also thinking of bike rack.

AVCr8teur said...

Thank you everyone for playing along and most of you guessed right.

Dot: It is an old fashion bike-looking object.

Betchai/Photowannabe/HereBeDragons: You are right on the money! It is a fancy bike rack as seen by the Hyatt Regency in Seaport Village.

AJ: Yes, it is a work of art when not used as a bike rack.

Sue: A child could play on it too. :)

Christian: Nice hearing from you all the way from France!

RoseInBloom said...

There are two thoughts that come to mind-
1. Since they are shaped like old-fashioned bicycles, they could be a kind of bike rack.
2. Just because they're repeated doesn't mean it isn't someone's funky form of sculpture!

Love your photos! So clear and beautiful and always capturing something interesting to see!

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