Monday, June 01, 2009

Metropolitan Church of Our Lady

A major landmark in the middle of Munich is the Metropolitan Church of Our Lady. It is also known as Cathedral of Our Blessed Lady, The Frauenkirche, ...etc. During my visit, one of the two spires was undergoing restoration.

You can see the enormity of its interior with the high ceiling and rows of pews that can seat close to 20,000 people.

Do you recognize the figure on the wall? This placard is dedicated to the current Pope Benedict XVI who was formerly the Archbishop of Munich and Freising from 1977 to 1982.

Lots of rules for visitors displayed in pictures and multiple languages.

- Karen


Unknown said...

I'm glad that there are rules on the church that was printed in different language.So even the other visitors which are not a Filipino can understand and follow the rules of the church..=) And it was a beautiful church.This is a great post.Hope to see more of this.=)

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Shutterbug said...

so you can't have ice cream in the church, but you can have fries, right? :o) I haven't been to that cathedral, but have seen some that are similar, phenomenal architecture!

roentare said...

This set of church images are stunning. I like the pattern and the texture from them.

LR Photography said...

Awesome perspectives Karen, good work!

Claudine/canelle said...

C'est toujours moi , merci pour les photos de cette Cathédrale , une splendeur
bonne journée

Kcalpesh said...

Awsome pictures. Can I ask you what lense have you used to shoot these? Amazing Pictures!