Friday, June 19, 2009

Fort Point Interior

Fort Point, aside from being a historical landmark, it is also an American Civil War museum.

Stacks of powder kegs for the cannons. I hope they are empty.

These were probably not the actual boxes from the 1860's, but in any case, they did not store bread as we know it but a cracker or biscuit called "hardtack". Made of flour, water, and salt, it was said to be hard as a rock and had to be dunked in liquid to soften. Nevertheless, it could last for years and was the staple food of Civil War soldiers.
Click here for a history and recipe of hardtack.
If you want a box of your own, click here.

With long corridors like the one above or below, a photographer can have some real fun here.

Have a nice weekend!

- Karen


Rune Eide said...

"War is hell" - and the food proved it.

PS I too enjoy that kind of corridor - the last one was a joy to see!

LR Photography said...

Great work and great shots Karen. I really hope the barrels are empty!