Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cannon Fire Demo

This docent is shouting "Cannon Fire Demo" as visitors pass through Fort Point. A fort strategically located underneath the Golden Gate Bridge to protect the west coast of the United States during the Civil War era.

Dressed in Civil War Union soldier clothing, this First Sergeant stands at attention posing for tourist photos.

Here the First Sergeant demonstrates how to use the ramrod to push the gunpowder to the end of the barrel. It was a mock demo and nothing was actually fired; otherwise, I would not have been standing this close.

- Karen


roentare said...

In every traditional facility with extensive history, there is always a know-how to guide you with plenty of personal experience

He is such a character from your image here

Lynette said...

Wonderful series--thank you. I especially like the black and white. Nice job!

Neva said...

That would have been dangerous were you so close with real powder.....very impressive canons, though.