Sunday, May 31, 2009

Parade of Lions

Lions were a symbol of the kings of Bavaria. Originally, 500 lion statues decorated by various artists adorned the city of Munich. However; beginning in 2006, many of them were auctioned off to raise money for a children's charity. Luckily, about 150 were purchased by local businesses and kept on their property. Here are a few I encountered...

Appropriately, this lion is in front of the Löwenbräu brewery and restaurant. Löwenbräu means lion's brew.

This lion beckons patrons to Ratskeller Munich. Since then, I learned a "Ratskeller" is a restaurant or tavern in the basement of a city hall.

As I go down the stairs of the ratskeller, on the landing is this lion. It aptly wears a chef's hat and holds a whisk.

Outside a hotel.

Outside a casino.

Inside the Olympic stadium, the same one that hosted the 1972 Olympics.

- Karen


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Wonderful set Karen really great!

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Bonjour , je découvre votre blog et ces photos de lions sont superbes , merci beaucoup bonne journée

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