Friday, May 22, 2009

BMW World

Opened in 2007 and across from the BMW Headquarter in Munich is the BMW Welt or BMW World. It is a unique looking building and houses the latest BMW car and motorcycle models, a cafeteria, a kids area, a conference center, and a gift shop.

Inside the BMW Welt.

Directly across from the Welt is the BMW Headquarter and Museum connected by a bridge over a major street. Unfortunately, the museum was closed on the day we visited, but the Welt was interesting enough.

- Karen


roentare said...

Simply stunning architecture image, Karen

I would love to see more of the interior of the building

Jim Klenke said...

Cool looking buildings.

photowannabe said...

Amazing architecture and it looks like a fascinating place to visit.

Unknown said...

i just love germanY! :D ich spreche ein bisschen deutsch :D i hope i spelled that correctly. :(

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