Saturday, May 02, 2009

Stuttgart's Market Hall

Not far from the location of my last post is Stuttgart's Markthalle (Market Hall). You can buy fresh fruits and vegetables inside this historical building.
Click here to read more about Markthalle.

This looks like a row of beans, seeds, and oils. I did not know there are so many types of beans and seeds.

Meat and cheese sold here. That is quite a leg on the top of the counter.

- Karen


roentare said...

My dad used to say

The best way to know the country you are visiting is to visit its own markets

The cuisine and eating habbits are manifested in the markets

Lilli & Nevada said...

These are great Karen, My grandmother who lived in Berlin used to go shopping in the stores all the time. when i went over there to visit i was surprised at that time that if you didn't bring your own grocery bag you had to pay 10 cents for each plastic bag you needed.
Something they should start here. I guess now green is going strong so many people are bringing there own bags now.

AVCr8teur said...

Roentarre: Your dad got the right idea. I can spend time there just looking at the different foods. I like trying different country's cuisines.

Lilli: It's so much more interesting going to markets like this than a supermarket. I keep forgetting to bring my own bag, but it's a good for the environment.

LR Photography said...

Great, wonderful market!

Lynette said...

What a market! I would be there, my own bag in hand. What a gorgeous array of food. Thanks for the photos.

Here when I go to the farmers' market, I take the plastic bags that I get when I go to Fred Meyer (the grocery store). I figure that's one way to use them besides putting them in the bathroom trash can. If I'm at Fred Meyer to get just a little bit of stuff, I pack it into the rolling black bag without any additional store bags. I like feeling like I'm doing my small part.