Sunday, August 05, 2007

Got a Ticket

This post goes out to all those drivers who have honked at me or others for waiting obediently at a "No turn on red" sign. Let this be a learning lesson.

I had a fairly good weekend minus getting a ticket for a moving violation. It was my first after 23 years of driving! I came close many times so I guess it was my turn, but I am still not happy about it.

What did I do? I was driving in a fairly deserted industrial road on Saturday morning. I stopped at a red light and saw the sign "No turn on red". Since I am an impatient person, I decided to make the right turn anyways because there were no cars around. Immediately after that, flashing red and blue lights were coming behind me.

I know it was my fault, but I thought it was a low-blow on the CHP's part to catch drivers doing something fairly "minor" in an industrial area on a Saturday morning. I always thought my first ticket would be from speeding.

In any case, I was told I can go to traffic school so it won't reflect on my record. Believe me, I am now paranoid when I drive thinking I'll get another ticket.

- AV


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you can take a "course" online for traffic school. I actually got a speeding ticket in the bay as I was on my way home from the oakland airport with my girlfriend. I sped up to get over and, bloop-bloop, Johnny law regulated. I, unfortunately, am/was not eligible for traffic school b/c of the speed that I was allegedly going but, my friend, Pat, who lives in SF, did the traffic school thingy online last year.

Good luck, in a few months, it should be all good.

AVCr8teur said...

Scott, I guess I'm glad I wasn't speeding. At least there is an option of not having this on my record.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, exactly, that way, your insurance won't go up any!

Anonymous said...

I got a traffic ticket once for running a red light and I found out that you can take Traffic School Online to make sure the ticket doesn't go on your record. It was nice having a little security. The one I went to was really easy

AVCr8teur said...

Anonymous, I finished my online traffic school last month. From my county, I can only take a particular online class and had to show up in-person to take the final test just to verify it was me.