Monday, August 20, 2007

CA State Fair

I went to the State Fair on opening weekend in Sacramento and took a few photos for you. I haven't been here for over 10 years and was glad to be back although it seemed smaller than I remembered. However, it was hot so I was glad to find some air-condititioned buildings to hide during the afternoon.

I have always been partial to looking at animals at the fairs because as city folks can attest to, we don't get that many chances to see these creatures up close.

Toyota was there to promote their Tundra brand trucks so I was able to ride in one while hubby drove for free around the dirt mounds. We all got a pin light thank-you gift at the end. Trucks have sure changed over the years. The interiors are much more comfortable and roomier compared to the trucks of the past which were only built for hauling.

This photo sums me up pretty much. I think I'll stay a kid all my life.

Tundra truck making its last dirt mound run.

Two apes caught my eyes as I looked up at the aerial tram above me.

This little guy really wanted to get the feel for his food.

This was my favorite photo and I couldn't resist taking it. A row of rabbits were turned around to be judged; however, all the audience could see were their behinds.

- AV


Anonymous said...

Great shots, AV, I think I like the two apes, just monkeying around on the tram. Looks like a great time, you def got some cool pics

AVCr8teur said...

Thanks Scott! That's funny...Monkeying around on the tram.