Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Downtown San Francisco

Lots of shoppers in downtown San Francisco, but I wonder how many bought something.

A worker operating a truck-looking zamboni on a ice skating rink temporarily put in place for the holidays across the street from Macy's seen in the above photo.

I would be one of those skaters holding on to dear life by the side rails.

- Karen


dot said...

I would be hanging on for dear life too! In fact I wouldn't get out there to start with. lol

Lilli & Nevada said...

We went to town yesterday and lots of shoppers out but didn't see a lot of packages coming out. I did my dinner shopping.
I love how nice the weather looks there,I would be happy to share some of our nasty snowy weather with you.
Merry Christmas

Isadora said...

...so what is stopping you!? You might surprise yourself and let go and actually skate :)

Happy New Year!