Monday, December 29, 2008

Dinner at Ruby's Diner

Made it into Palm Springs yesterday late afternoon and had dinner at the 40's-style Ruby's Diner. This the restaurant's interior complete with shiny red booths, bicycles, and waiters and waitresses in 40's diner uniform.
Click here to find out how Ruby's started.

My turkey burger slider with a salad.

Here are links to some of the top news photos of 2008 around the world sent to me by Photojojo gathered at Take a look, some will be amazing.
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- Karen


Neva said...

Hope you had a great Christmas....the snow has kept us very busy but then it warmed up to 50 and rained...and then froze...we are having so much fun with the weather!!! Ruby's near us is not the same decor but looks the same food....I like it.

Cromely said...

Ruby's is nice and consistent on the road. And the one in Redondo Beach even offered free WiFi, which may be a bit of an anachronism, but at least I got some stuff done.

dot said...

You have the best adventures! I've never heard of the place but there is a lot I've never heard of. The food looks good.
Thanks for the links. Amazing is right!

Lynette said...

What great looking food! I enjoyed reading about how Ruby's got its start and then progressed.