Friday, November 09, 2007

Something Other Than Photography

What, no photos today? I thought I would give you a break. Photography is definitely my favorite hobby and I can spend the next 50 years trying to perfect it. However, recently, I decided to add a few new skills to my toolbox that can turn into hobbies.

About a month ago, I signed up for an online class called “Publish It Yourself: How to Start and Operate Your Own Publishing Business”. Although I don’t have a life story or fiction novel to write, I thought it was something fun to learn and so far it hasn’t been that bad. If only blogs would sell.

Almost 30 years ago, every female student was expected to take a Home Economics class during their junior high school years. The curriculum taught 14-year-olds how to cook and sew. I liked the cooking part, but I couldn’t make heads or tails of sewing. I was notoriously bad at it and had to have my mother do my final project for me. Shhhh!

And, what did I foolishly decide to do last week? I signed up for a sewing class and headed straight outside my comfort zone. With the money spent on buying bedcovers or having clothes altered, this skill can save me money in the long run. As our first project, I chose to make pajama pants like the other 2 students. I’ll show you what it looks like in a few weeks if I ever finish it.

Lastly, I saw a preview of the new upcoming movie based on the Stephen King book called “The Mist”. It looked pretty scary so I purchased the book and in the midst of reading it. The last Stephen King book I read years ago was “The Shining”. I’m typically a Dean Koontz suspense novel reader so I’m interested to hear from you if you are too.

Thanks for reading this far and now you’re all caught up. Have a nice weekend.

- AV


Lynette said...

Exciting days ahead--congrats!

AVCr8teur said...

Thanks Lynette for taking the time to read and comment. Much appreciated.

Fénix - Bostonscapes said...

Oh, but you are way ahead of me! I bought a sewing machine six years ago because "how difficult can this be" and "it'd be fun to make my own fill-in-the-blank" - Four pairs of dusting mitts, that's ALL I've made. Sigh.

AVCr8teur said...

Fenix, I'm at the point in the class where I either buy a machine or I should not continue with the class. It'll be difficult to practice without one, but what happens if I only sew a few dusting mitts too. One good thing is if I buy the machine from the store where I'm taking the class, they offer free classes for 3 years. I guess this should continue my interest???

Fénix - Bostonscapes said...

Maybe, and then maybe not. I did use my sewing machine for a couple of things, but I can't remember... Oh, wait, hubby had bought a couple of LLBean jeans on clearance for something like six dollars because one leg was two inches longer than the other and both legs were one inch too long (they were supposed to be 34" inseam) so I rehemmed them and, surprisingly, managed to do a rather good job.

Anyway, I haven't touched the thing in years, but I've been thinking that I should make my own duvet covers because most of what's out there is either insanely expensive or too short for a king size bed (I'd like it to drape, you know, like the sheets do).

So, dunno, I'd say buy the machine if it's a good buy and think of it as an appliance you may or may not use very often but when you need it, it's right there.

Let's see... HomeGoods has these great deals on good quality flat sheets (16 dollars each, marked down from $50). Two of those and maybe two or three hours of my time and I get the duvet cover I want for a fraction of the store price. Not bad, right?

AVCr8teur said...

Fenix, Glad to hear you got some use out of your sewing machine. I have decided to purchase one. Good idea about sewing the flat sheets together for duvet covers. It doesn't seem like it would take hours since it's just a rectangle, right?