Monday, March 12, 2007

I Hate Flying

After my recent trip, I have to say how much I hate flying. Unfortunately, there isn't another method to get anywhere "quickly". Too bad transporters are not available yet, but I'm not sure I want my molecules dematerialized and re-assembled at my destination.

Anyways, there's the "fair of being late" factor. I always like to arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes beforehand while my husband likes to time it so he gets on the plane right at boarding. Every time we travel together, this gets me into a fit. Although, I have trained him somewhat to arrive 60 minutes ahead.

There's the hassle of waiting in line to take off my shoes, take out my laptop, ...etc. Fortunately for us travelers, the "Shoe Bomber" wasn't the "underwear bomber". I'm not sure how TSA would have handled that one.

Then, there's the passengers. Last year I was on a plane where a passenger freaked out when the door to the plane was closed. He kept repeating he had to get out and eventually the flight attendant let him off leaving all his friends on the plane dumbfounded.

And, on my return trip from Boston a few days ago, a passenger sat in my husband's assigned aisle seat and refused to leave. He said his girlfriend had a bad experience flying and had to be by her side. He insisted that my husband sit in his middle seat instead. No one wants to change from an aisle seat to a middle seat to travel across country. At that point, the flight attendant took over and "made" the guy go back to his original seat which caused the girlfriend to start crying. To make a long story short, the couple was moved to first class to keep them from causing a scene.

Furthermore, the airline misplaced our luggage. An United representative called at 8pm saying someone will leave the bag at our doorstep between 8 p.m. and 1 a.m. without disturbing us. Of course, a little after midnight we get a call asking for our address. Apparently, someone misspelled our street name and he couldn't find where to drop it off.

Do you have any travel stories you would like to tell?

- AV

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Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

Oh my gosh - the "UNDERWEAR BOMBER" - that made me crack up. Yea, could you imagine "maam, I'm going to need you to step behind this panel and remove your underwear..." - ha ha.
I'll have to think about the traveling nightmare deal...I haven't had too many horrible experiences (knock on wood!)

Anonymous said...

we;re flying tomorrow and i'm not excited as I know the seats are cramped. We have a baby to so you can imagine!

I have flown in single engine planes and helicopters but that doesn't bother me. It's the sitting with a lot of people o the plane that does.


AVCr8teur said...

Hi mrsmogul, thanks for stopping by. I've never been on a single engine plane nor helicopter before so I have no comparison to a plane full of people. Hopefully, you'll get a good movie to watch and something comfortable for your tush. :P

- AV

Anonymous said...

I had one flight into Chicago, where there was this awful storm going on. I could see the lightning right out side the window. The plane kept having these huge drops where it felt like it was just falling aout of the air. Everybody would scream. A woman started hyperventilating ... I never minded flying before that, but I've been a bit of a nevous flyer ever since.

and then there was the time that our 2/12 hour flight to Dallas turned into a day and half adventure ... thanks to United.

Yeah, I think maybe I hate flying too, now that I think of it.

AVCr8teur said...

Hi Jenny, Thanks for sharing your horror stories. The airlines should pay us for flying with the stuff they put us through. :P