Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tax Day Approaching Again

When you see this form, does it send chills down your spine or make you feel physically sick?

Every year I dread the day when I have to sit down and do my taxes. I usually become fidgety and restless while my husband plugs in the numbers onto Turbotax. It's my job to verify he's entering the numbers correctly. Yeah right, in my state of mind hundreds of miles away.

First of all, I hate math, paperwork, and paying more of my hard earned money towards taxes. Secondly, I rather be blogging or doing something constructive. :P

Well, after 5 hours of staring at the computer screen and pouring over all our old receipts, we finally finished our 2006 taxes, but who knows if it's correct. You can ask 10 accountants a tax question and they will give you 10 different answers.

I don't know why they make doing taxes so difficult or boring. My brother is a tax accountant and I don't know how he can stand doing other peoples' taxes for a living. My hats off to all the tax preparers during this tax season.

- AV

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Anonymous said...

I hate taxes. We are still paying on last years taxes, now add this years taxes and it's not a good situation.