Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Been extremely busy and I finally have a moment to post something new. Above are pictures of what I did over the weekend. Every year, there is a big sci-fi/comic book/fantasy convention in San Francisco which I attend annually for the past 5 years with friends. Because of the beautiful weather, I'm sure the convention surpassed last year's attendance of 18,000 people.

These conventions are usually all day walking around taking pictures, talking to people, looking at merchandise, ...etc. It's a lot of fun, but always more tiring than working an 8 hour day.

- AV


Anonymous said...

That looked like so much fun!! My favorite character was the blue and purple bears and the pac-man head man. LOL!!

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

I liked the pac man head!

AVCr8teur said...

The guy with the pac man head was walking around promoting the store and the hats. I thought about buying one, but where would I wear it? :)