Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What would you invent if it was possible?

Aside from world peace, poverty/starvation/disease/crime elimination, if only it was possible, here's my wishlist of inventions... (this is what happens when I have too much time on my hands at work).

Do you have any to add or improve on to "my inventions"?

  • Automatic Dinner Maker - it decides what I should eat each night from a list of pre-selected menu items and cooks the meals up to a family of 6.

  • Self Cleaning Bathroom - shut the bathroom door, press a button to automatically scrub, clean, and dry the shower, tub, toilet, sink, floor simultaneously.

  • WashDryer - place all your dirty close in the washer and when its done, it dries the clothes in the same machine.

  • Telemarketer Bonker - when a telemarketer calls, their phone automatically hits them over the head.

  • Slowsky Mover - slow moving drivers are automatically beamed to the side of the road until competent drivers pass them.

  • Lincoln Log Evaporator - droppings from pets evaporate immediately before they hit the ground.

  • Spam Mail Responder - every spam mail ever sent from a spammer is returned back to them on a daily basis.

  • Clock Stopper - make time stand still if you're late to work or to an appointment and return it back to normal after you have reached your destination. Or, another use is to have the alarm ring when you're ready to get up.

  • Gym Slim - buy a membership to a gym and you automatically slim down to your appropriate weight, look buff, and stay healthy without having to work out.

  • Hair Perfect Gel - a little dab and your hair stays perfect even in a category 5 hurricane.

  • Nutritious Junk Food - potato chips, cookies, pies, cakes, fries, chocolate, ice cream, ...etc. created to taste like they should, but have the same nutrients as low cal fruits and vegetables.

  • Rid-A-Cold Pill - medicine that will prevent colds for life.

  • Garbage-to-Fuel Converter - machine that will transform all your household garbage to gas for your automobile. Any extra gas you have can be sold to the oil companies at a premium.

  • I-Robot - a twin replacement of yourself you can send to the office when you don't feel like going to work.

  • Excretion System Transplant - replace the human excretion system with those similar to dogs (without the tail) so there is no need to use toilet paper.

  • All Temp Bodysuit - an invisible neck to toe suit with a controllable temperature gauge that can be worn under a swimsuit to winter overcoat. Only you will know you're wearing one.

This is all I can come up with at the moment.

- AV


Judith said...

Thanks for your vote on my blogsite. I like this list, especially the Excretion System Transplant. I've one to add to that - The Automatic Pee Evaporator
for the elderly and otherwise incontinent. No pads, no worries!

AVCr8teur said...


Thanks for adding to my list. Your evaporator idea is good for anyone. No fuss no muss.

- AV