Sunday, May 26, 2013

From Old-Time Television to Ignite Video

On a recent San Francisco walking group meet-up, we passed by a historical building that was known as the Farnsworth's Green Street Lab.
It looks like an ordinary structure although uniquely sits on the foot of a hillside with homes towering overhead and I probably would not have known of its historical significance if not for the marker next to it.

Philo Taylor Farnsworth, a pioneer in electronics, lived and worked at this location where he invented and patented the first operational television system on September 7, 1927.
You can click on the above picture to read the marker.

The lab is now the residence of Ignite Video.
This was posted on their front door.
Do you feel ignited?

When the employees saw us lingering outside, they invited all of us inside to look around.

I like how they decorated their office.

Inside Ignite Video's office is a dedication to Mr. Farnsworth.
You can click on the picture to read it, but if it is too small, you can click here to read his biography from another source.

- Karen


Anonymous said...

Fascinating, great series!

Anonymous said...

It's an interesting lab. It inspired us a lot. :)

Arti said...

The office looks beautiful! Very well kept and I love the white inside. Pretty interesting place!
Have a lovely day :)

Zenserly said...

..yes I feel ignited and their office looks so neat, interesting place...checking out Mr. Farnsworth's biography :) have a lovely week :)


So interesting, it's really fascinating to realize how much history happens in so many places. I like the offices and how nice they acknowledged the past.

AVCr8teur said...

llandudnopictures: Thanks! Yes, it was exciting to learn such an important part of history was invented in San Francisco.

cocomino: I'm glad you enjoyed it and got inspired.

Arti: It was nice to see the old lab modernized.

kulasa zen: I agree. I like the all glass meeting room.

LondonLulu: I did not expect the new people to pay tribute to the original tenant. I agree that it was a nice touch.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I just love serendipity and the kindness of strangers like you experienced.

Mandy said...

Oh, how lovely that they invited you all in to see inside! It is so nice when people are open and friendly like that. I am really interested in the history of television too.