Thursday, May 23, 2013

Inside the Charles M. Schulz Museum

Several people are interested in seeing the inside of the "Snoopy" museum after my last post so here it is.
When you first walk into the museum, you see a tall ceiling and a huge mural with Peanuts characters.

If you look closer, you will actually see the mural is made up of multiple Peanuts comic strips - 3,588 separate tiles to be specific selected by Yoshiteru Otani.

Another section of the museum are more Peanuts comic strips displayed in glass cases and in poster form.

You can sit on the comfortable sofas and look through scrapbooks kept throughout Mr. Schulz's life.

On the 2nd floor is everything about Mr. Schulz's life from birth to death which you can read about here.

Mr. Schulz's office was moved to the museum. This was where all the magic was created.

This mural was painted by Mr. Schulz in 1951 for his daughter's nursery room at his Colorado home. You can see early signs of the Snoopy and Charlie Brown characters.

This is the life-size Lucy's Psychiatry Booth just like the one in the comic strips.
You can read more about the booth in Wikipedia.

In the back of the museum is the garden setting. I saw birds and various Peanuts characters like the ones below.

- Karen


Mandy said...

Wow Karen, what a great post. This looks like a fabulous museum and I'd love to see it one day! I guess I didn't realise how much I loved Peanuts but many of these items had me squealing with glee (silently, of course. I'm on a train). My favourite is definitely the psychiatrist's booth!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tour, great looking place to visit. The mural is amazing!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

What a fun place. I love museums and love learning about stuff but this seems like one that can be simply enjoyed.

Indrani said...

Thanks for the virtual tour!
Nice displays.

cocomino said...

What a fun place. I should visit the museum with my family. :)

Jana said...

how very cute!

Kcalpesh said...

Feels like I actually visited the whole place :-)

Nice captures!