Sunday, February 03, 2013

Rincon Center Interior

Inside San Francisco's former U.S. Post Office are 27 murals by Anton Refregier from the 1940's that depict the history of California.

By each group of paintings is a description of each mural.

There is also a plaque dedicated to former U.S. Postal employees who have served in the military.

The former post office windows are still there and this one displays eyeglasses from an optometric business which has opened inside.

Next to the old postal office is the annex developed in the 1980's adding shops, business offices including a new post office, apartments, and this atrium restaurant.
I have never been here before and will have to bring friends and family back to try out this restaurant next time.
It is a little hard to tell, but at the center of the annex is a 85 feet (26m) waterfall sculpture by Doug Hollis called "Rain Column" where 55 gallons of water falls every minute from the ceiling.

I was there for a little over an hour and each child who walked by wanted to touch the water like this one in the photo.

- Karen


cocomino said...

That's a cool place My daughters also want to touch the water :)

de engineur said...


Guess it'd be fun to watch the waterfall and to listen to the sound while enjoying your meal

Zenserly said...

Had I been there I would have been like a child too touching the water :)What an interesting place...I love the window photo...and the murals displayed look so interesting and informational,:) Have a lovely week :)thank you for another great virtual tour..

Jana said...

what a nice tour, thanks for sharing+have a happy new week!

Anonymous said...

That's a very interesting looking place, I especially like the old post office windows.

Photo Cache said...

wow, didn't know that about sf. i better keep notes on what new stuff to see in the city. said...

Rain column, is without a doubt, one of my favorite pieces of public sculpture in the city. Set amongst that amazing building with those beautiful murals it is a wonderful site, often overlooked by tourists and locals alike.

Emm in London said...

I really love Art Deco so I would love to see these beautiful murals and also the decor inside the post office. I really like the typography and styling in the photo with the Box Window.

LifeRamblings said...

such beautiful murals with a great sense of history. i'd love to touch the water too.