Sunday, February 22, 2009

Toy Story Becomes a Reality

If you watched the cartoon "Toy Story", you will enjoy these characters. "Pizza Planet" in the cartoon was a restaurant and at the Disney World's Hollywood Studios amusement park, this fantasy place has become a reality.
Click here to check out its menu.

These Army men cartoon characters are working hard to have the roof and Scrabble board covered.

- Karen


Neva said...

When Toy Story first came out, I resisted, with all my being,going to see it. When it finally came out on tape, my kids made me watch it. Imagine that I loved of my favorite Disney movies.....could be I loved the actors voices ...but still....this is a great photo.

Lilli & Nevada said...

It never amazes me how they put all these movies together and the characters seem so real. The talent those folks have is just amazing.

LR Photography said...

Great shot!

roentare said...

Toy story is a fun concept and the photos you have shared with me are very well captured. The fun is written all over them!

Anonymous said...

Quite surreal looking closely att hese photos.