Monday, February 02, 2009

Danish Phone Booth

While vacationing in Solvang, California, I noticed this unusual looking telephone booth.
Solvang founded in 1911 by Danish teachers is modeled after a Danish community complete with Danish bakeries and restaurants with a taste of Denmark.

I guess this telephone is no longer in use. Does the telephone booths in Denmark really look like this if they still exist?
If you look around your community, public telephones are a thing of the past.

- Karen


roentare said...

This phone booth is very unique and cute!

Jim Klenke said...

No windows? That would be scary now days.

dot said...

What a cute booth! Many years ago I was a telephone operator and had a call from a person who was stuck in a phone booth. The door wouldn't open! At first I thought they were kidding but they assured me they were not. I had to turn the call over to my supervisor.
Definitely a thing of the past!

Lilli & Nevada said...

Great capture and now that you said that, your right i have not seen them around here anymore, must be due to the cell phones.

Lynette said...

Interesting place to vacation. I've noticed someone on a pay phone here in Portland, but I can't even remember where! Thanks for visiting my Seen on the Streets of Portland series!