Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bear Sighting

Outside of a zoo, I have only seen a bear twice. Once by a freeway, yes freeway, in Tahoe and the other at Mendenhall Glacier during my recent Alaskan trip. We were warned verbally and with signs that there were bears in the area due to the salmons spawning in the nearby streams.

Bear warnings

Trail closed due to bear sightings.

I was about to leave the park and was disapointed that I didn't see a bear. While waiting for the bus, I saw a black figure running from the trail into the parking area about 100ft. in front of me. Of course, I run towards this figure hoping to take a picture of it. Looking back, that is something I shouldn't have done especially when it is a bear, but I think it was more afraid of us.

Have a nice weekend,


dot said...

Wow, that was scary but you did get your picture! My husband is always telling me a bear is going to get me when I go walking. Once a big black dog stepped out of the woods and I thought I'd been had!

Neva said...

I am glad it was more afraid of you that you were of him...I can assure...had we been together, buddy, you and I would have gone the OTHER way....but nice shot!!!! you are toooooo funny. I am really glad you are can go here and see something similar......(what is it with my blogger friends and bears?????) haha

david mcmahon said...

Great narration and a wonderful shot.

Neva sent me here - maybe you'll get a laugh out of my post titled `G Is For Grizzly'.

Anonymous said...

Wow you're a brave one. I have only ever seen a bear in a zoo, which is probably a good thing.

AVCr8teur said...

Dot: If you do encounter a bear, I have been told to make yourself look big and make loud noises.

Neva: Thank you for sending me David's bear story. I don't think we can miss a good photo-op!

David: What an adventure! I think your bear encounter was much more exciting than mine. I took quite a few shots, but the andrenaline and running to follow the bear left me quite a few blurry mess. I was lucky to salvage at least one to prove I saw it. I guess the lesson here is to always be ready to take that unexpected shot even if it's a charging grizzly.

Maddy: I agree that seeing bears in safer environments is much preferred. Luckily, this bear was just a youngling.