Monday, September 29, 2008

Prince Rupert

On our last port of our cruise, we stopped at Prince Rupert, British Columbia. From what I understand, in order to hire an international crew to work on the cruise ships, the cruise company must dock at a non-U.S. port. Click here for a brief history of this port.

This is a bronze statue by the dock titled "We Are Out There" dedicated to fishermen lost at sea. Behind the statue is our cruise ship docked at the port.

After docking, we boarded a catamaran to go on a whale watching excursion and passed by this 1907 lighthouse on Lucy Island.

Prince Rupert's Chatham Sound area has a high concentration of humpback whales. This was one of many whale tails (or flukes) I saw during our 4-hour trip.

There were other whale watching boats in the area like this one in the distance. Since whales are unpredictable, they could pop out anywhere like the 4 between that boat and ours. One of the tricks to look for whales is to look for the whale vapor spouts coming from the humpback's two top blowholes. Click here for further information on how whales breathe.

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Lilli & Nevada said...

These are great photos and i really like the statue that honors those lost at sea.
Have fun.

Katney said...

Our cruise last year also stopped at Prince Rupert. We were there in the evening, and did an excursion to the museum and longhouse where we were treated to native dancing and storytelling. I posted about it here.

I added some explanation about the parrot in the comments. You might want to stop back and read it

Anonymous said...

Wow weee! You got some nice shots of the whales. I like your pictures a lot.

dot said...

So many things of interest here. I love the statue and the lighthouse and the whales are amazing. Looks like a nice ship too. I hope the food was good.

Neva said...

This is fabulous...what a great whale tale.....

Kcalpesh said...

I'm sure sighting whales & takign snaps of whales must have been a really adventerous trip! The bridge looks good. Do update me when you visit the same and have some koOL photos of the place!!!!