Friday, September 12, 2008

9/11 Memorial Visits

Since it was September 11th yesterday, my friends and I visited two local memorials dedicated to the passengers & crew who died on United Flight 93. A number of the victims were residents of the San Francisco Bay Area.

This is the first memorial we visited. A stone was dedicated to each of the 40 passengers and crew inscribed with their name, hometown, and age. On the front is also a mirror as a way for visitors to reflect how these people gave their lives to save countless others. To read more about the Union City memorial, click here.

At the back of each stone is a rough square to signify their unfinished lives.

These markers list the history of Flight 93 on that fateful day plus the donors to the memorial.

This second memorial we visited is located inside a cemetery. This marker illustrates how the memorial looks.

This is how the memorial looks. Jason Dahl, the pilot of Flight 93 is buried in this cemetery.

- Karen


photowannabe said...

I didn't realize that there were memorials so close to home. Thanks for showing them to me.
We must never forget.

AVCr8teur said...

Photowannabe: I didn't know either until my friends read about them in the newspaper. There were quite a number of visitors yesterday.

dot said...

Really nice memorial sight. I'm glad it's there for people to see and remember. Thanks for sharing your pictures.