Friday, September 14, 2007

Coffee Wars

I can try to give up a number of unhealthy foods, but I'll be hard-pressed if I had to give up coffee. McDonald's now have 3 Iced Coffee drinks...Regular, Hazelnut Cream, and Vanilla Cream. I finally got around into trying one of these since I usually go to Starbuck's for my fix. However, with Starbucks raising their prices recently, I had better find an alternative before I go broke on coffee alone. Luckily, I have disciplined myself not to drink more than 1 cup per day and there are days I actually skip coffee!

For hot coffee according to a survey, most people liked the McDonald's taste better than Starbucks. Another alternative is 7-Eleven coffee. I like the self-serve coffee station where I can pump as much hazelnut or vanilla syrup I want without extra charge. Unfortunately, the 7-Eleven coffees are never consistent between stores. They range between watered-down to just right so I never know what I'll get beforehand.

And, I've given up on homebrewed coffee because it never seems to taste as good as store bought. So, I figured it must be the paper cup and sleeving that comes with the coffee that I like so much. ;P

So what's my verdict on McDonald's regular iced coffee? It's a heck a lot cheaper than Starbucks and it's a HUGE 24 oz. I couldn't finish it in one sitting; however, for a regular coffee, it was a little sweeter than I would have liked and I don't really taste the coffee compared to Starbucks'.

- AV


Neva said...

I am not a Starbucks kinda girl (too bitter) but I love my coffee....I really like McDonald's coffee... it is certainly more reasonable than Starbucks!!

AVCr8teur said...

Neva, thanks for your reply. The lines are probably shorter at McDonald's too. I don't know if you have Peet's Coffee where you live, but it is twice as bitter as Starbucks.

david mcmahon said...

I'm not a coffee drinker. Enjoy the aroma, but I only drink tea - maybe because I went to school in Darjeeling - and that's where the world's best tea comes from!

AVCr8teur said...

David, I do enjoy very dark tea. Perhaps I'm not much of a tea drinker is because many of the teas I drink are too bland. I should try some from Darjeeling.

Anonymous said...

AV! I haven't gotten into the coffee thing just yet. I tend to prefer some good old iced tea but, there are times when a little kick is required. Haven't tried McDonalds coffee yet but I will keep this in mind since Starbucks tends to be crowded and pricey.

BTW- we are out in SF for the TC40 conference until Wednesday morning. The weather is awesome (as usual). We just had lunch in Fish' Warf and are now cranking out some more work prior to demo'ing tomorrow morning.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! We are in the downtown are near Powell and California....the conference is at the Palace Hotel. If you have any recommendations for food/drinks in this area, let me know!


AVCr8teur said...

Hey Scott, You're back in the CA again. I don't hang out in downtown SF too often so I don't have any recommendations. Hope you had a chance to try the fresh crab sandwiches dipped in butter when you were down at the Wharf. Good luck on your demo. I'm sure you guys will do well!