Friday, June 29, 2007

iPhone Lines - Go Figure

Have you been following the recent hype about the iPhone? If not, today, June 29th, was the official release of Apple's new iPhone. Some people have been waiting in line outside the Apple Stores around the U.S. for days so they can be one of the first ones to own the new toy. Since I'm a gadget freak, I would have loved to own one of these babies, but I already have a Samsung Blackjack so I can't switch now. Plus the monthly rate plans are out of my price range.

As I am not currently working, I should have waited in line outside the store anyways. Some people at the front of the line have reportedly being offered $500 to swap spaces. That's crazy since that's the price of the phone. According to the Apple website, there are still an abundant of inventory available tomorrow.

And, if you look in Craigslist, some new owners are offering to sell their phone at double the retail price! Shocking!

- AV

(Note: Image of iPhone customers taken by Norbert von der Groeben of the Palo Alto Weekly)


Anonymous said...

I think the phone is cool. But waiting in a line for days to get one? So not worth it to me.

Of course, gamers did it back in November for the Wii and especially the PS3.

I'm perfectly okay with waiting till the hype dies down (and the price) to get something.

Except the final Harry Potter book. I simply refuse to wait for that!

AVCr8teur said...

Hi Ms. Scartastic, Thanks for dropping by. It will be awhile before the iPhone price dies down. The new Harry Potter book will be out soon. I'm sure there's enough supply to not in line for that either.