Monday, June 04, 2007

Cool Web Apps is asking us experts to pick the top 100 web applications currently out there. You can vote for your favorite browsers, mobile apps, blog tools, social networks...etc. It's a treasure trove of sites that I didn't know existed. And it's also fun discovering what new tools are available.

I spent some time surfing through just the Media category and I will definitely be checking out Jumpcut,, and Vuvox. Deadline to vote is June 11th.

What are your favorites?

- AV


Anonymous said...

Just checked it out, looks pretty cool, AV. Killer startups also has a bunch of new app's, too, I heard about it about a week ago. If you are looking for good photoblogs, The Photobloggies Awards have tons of fresh sites that I've never knew existed.



AVCr8teur said...

Big Scott, Thanks for your feedback. I'll have to check out your picks!