Monday, April 09, 2007

Visiting Google

I had the fortune of visiting the Google headquarters on Sunday after a friend invited me to take a short tour. I still think it would be a cool place to work if they ever hire me. I heard rumors that they only want to hire employees fresh out of college who are single, filled with enthusiasm, and willing to work hard. Although, I'm over 40 and not single, I'm still enthusiastic and a hardworker.

I heard a news report this morning that some Google employees are leaving after they made their fortune on company stock and others are just burnt out and not having fun. Working at Google and not having fun? Sounds like an oxymoron. I would love to get a chance to find out first hand. HeeHee!

I didn't know I would be going anywhere special when I left home so I apologize for the poor quality pictures through my camera phone. Although I think you can still see the plastic pink flamingos on the dinosaur sculpture, the foosball table, the volleyball court, ...etc. These employees must really enjoy their workplace to come in on a Sunday to play. I wished I had taken a picture of employees doing their laundry on site.

- AV

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Ally said...

a manager left my company to go work for Google last year. another friend just applied at google and is waiting on word. however, from what i understand, it takes a long time (for them to review your resume, etc). also, if you know people that work for google, it's best to have them refer you. it's one of those companies, if you know someone, you are pretty much in.