Sunday, April 29, 2007

Local Freeway Collapses

A section of freeway collapsed early this morning in Oakland about 30 miles from me. Apparently, an inexperienced tanker driver was driving too fast in the middle of night, crashed onto a guard rail and his tanker truck exploded thus melting the freeway causing it to collapse. I had to drive to Oakland today and I was worried that it would affect my commute. Luckily, it didn't, but it will next week when I head across the Golden Gate. I feel sorry for the 250,000 commuters tomorrow who use this freeway. Our Govenator has declared free rides tomorrow on all public transportation in the region.

To read more about this in the news, go to...

- AV


Ally said...

i feel for the tomorrow's commuters, but i'm hella thankful it didn't happen to any of my freeways.

Anonymous said...

said to hear that. I know bay area traffic is already a nightmare.

but, what I really like about your post is the governator remark- hilarious, dude!

- I'll be back

AVCr8teur said...

Ally/Big Scott, Surprisingly, the traffic wasn't too bad as reported by the news. I think most people are just taking the day off to see what happens.

As for the Govenator, they actually sell "Govenator" t-shirts at the airport & local hotels. :P

Anonymous said...

that's good, that bay area traffic is nuts (but, I did grow up with 2 lane interstates and a population probably a 1/3 of the size of the bay). I love it out there, though (who doesn't?), it's BIG and it's beautiful. But, I like fast cars, fast food and fast women, too; that's why I came to vegas, LOL, just playing (cheaper/ more cost efficient for a person of my caliber right now). I do hope to move back sooner than later, perhaps more up north but, not sure.

and, the Govenator memorabilia, that's hilarious, Aaaaahhhrrrnold. I'm a police officer! man, we used to make so many prank calls with those arnold soundboards (who didn't, right?)

hey, i'm a police officer.
I'm detective jon kemble!
I'm a cop you idiot!

Stop whining!

ps, thanks for that purty little sidebar link, I appreciate you, sir