Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Random Thoughts

Going live!

Hmm, "My First Blog". That's probably how everyone else titles their first blog.

Well, I started this blog to eventually start creating some videos for fun to show off on the internet. I'll be starting my video editing course next week so I'm excited about that. I've done photo editing and creating dvd slideshows, but video is where it's at.

Been looking at different minidv camcorders and the JVC models are it. The prices haven't come down in the last few months, but I'll keep you updated on my purchase.

Here's a picture of my dog, Maverick, since he's been named as one of my many interests under my profile.


1 comment:

Judith said...

What happened to Maverick? His picture wasn't visible when I visited. Welcome to the world of blogging anyway - your slideshows are going to be a pleasure to watch, I guess. Good luck with them.

And thankyou for adding my blog to your links - I can't imagine how you found your way to me, but that is one of the wonders of this strange world of blogs.