Sunday, January 27, 2013

San Jose Fire Museum

Yesterday was an open house at the local fire department museum celebrating its 159th year of the city's fire department.
This 1914 fire aerial ladder truck was in service at the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition (world's fair) held in San Francisco to celebrate the completion of the Panama Canal.

Do you fancy riding in this red 1929 REO Fire Chief's car?

Or, this white Fire Chief's car?
It is a 1905 Cadillac with an original price tag of $950.00 from Detroit. It was restored and has been part of the museum for 35 years. The sign says only 4,029 of these vehicles were made and very few remain today.

A new collection was unveiled at the open house.
Drum roll, please...

It is a restored 1914 Knox Chemical Hose Wagon.
From what I read, early fire departments used baking soda and acid (vinegar) together to form carbon dioxide gas to extinguish fires; thus, the term "chemical" hose.

Isn't this 1890 Amoskeag Steamer a beauty with the shiny copper/brass tank?
It was purchased for $4,345.00 in 1890, a lot of money back then, and used in the 1906 earthquake. The fire station collapsed, but the firemen dug out the engine and used it to fight fires for 2 straight days.

This miniaturized fire truck is more my size.

- Karen


Emm in London said...

Oh wow, this is my type of museum! My mum used to be a volunteer paramedic so I spent a lot of my childhood hanging out at fire stations and as a result, I have a serious fireman fixation. I love both of those fire chief's cars.

Great photos Karen!

eileeninmd said...

Cool museum! I am sure the men and little ones would really enjoy seeing these old vehicles. Great shots!

cocomino said...

Very interesting Such old cars always fachinate me Thanks for sharing :)

lina said...

I'd love to visit this museum!
All those fire trucks are absolutely great to see. :)

Anonymous said...

There are some fantastic looking vehicles on display there!

Photo Cache said...

that is one fun museum, must put it in the list.

Arti said...

Wow! Love the red in the post! The red cars, wheels! Must be amazing to visit such a place, thanks for sharing. Have a nice day :)

Sukhmandir Kaur said...

Totally cool never knew about it before, maybe have to take the grandkids one day.

Unknown said...

Fascinating! They look great.

FilipBlog said...

Extremely old but beautiful cars.

Tomorrow, we publish our monthly top commentator article and you are in place 15. Thanks for your contributions.


Jana said...

very beautiful!

LifeRamblings said...

what a wonderful collection. i enjoy these very much.