Friday, October 26, 2012

Airship Eureka

A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to attend a free ground tour of the commercial-based zeppelin, Eureka, moored at the local airfield.
This is the entrance to its office. There is no mistake of where you were from the display outside.

Our guide explained to us the differences between a zeppelin and blimp plus the size differences between the airships throughout history.
A blimp and a zeppelin are both filled with helium and steerable; however, a zeppelin has a metal frame whereas a blimp will lose its shape once it is deflated.
From memory, I believe, the top airship in the picture is the Hindenburg at 803 ft (245 m), the largest airship ever built.
The airship I was visiting on this day is the 4th one down at 246 ft. (75 m).

After our short lecture, we were escorted onto a van to take us to the airfield.

We were dropped off inside a hangar as we watch the airship in the distance.
For local residents in the San Francisco Bay Area, you might have seen the Farmers Insurance advertisement on this ship at one time. Sponsors change ever so often so you will never know what you will see advertised next.

Once we were allowed to go onto the airfield for a closer look, you can see the hangar we were standing in at the background.

The airship is tied here and anchored to a truck. Because of the windy condition during our visit, the airship swayed back and forth slightly and we had to watch to make sure we didn't get too close.

The gondola fits 12 passengers plus 2 crew members. As a comparison, the Hindenburg zeppelin built in the 1930's could hold over 40 crew members and 72 passengers.

Due to the cost, I still hope one-day be able to take a flight in it, but for now, I will have to enjoy the 360-degree view from its website here.

- Karen

10 comments: said...

THAT IS SOOOOOO COOL! How amazing! I too would love to go up in one, but yep, I checked out the cost, not gonna happen anytime soon :-).

Joyful said...

I always love to see the blimps in the sky. I think they are fun. How great that you got to check them out close up.

bohemiannie! art said...

Wow...very cool field trip!

rainfield61 said...

That is.

You have a dream.

Anonymous said...

It's a great fun. Of course, I would like to ride in it.

eastcoastlife said...

Cool! Would love a ride in the airship.

FilipBlog said...

What an adventure such a zeppelin. Do you know the rollercoaster in the background?


eileeninmd said...

What a cool tour, very exciting. Wonderful photos. Hope you have a happy weekend!

Zenserly said...

whew, I feel excited just viewing your photos...I would love to be able to ride one too one day :-)

Emm in London said...

Wow, that is massive! My jaw dropped when I looked at that and imagined the Hindenburg must have been 4 times bigger. Truly impressive. I'm sorry you didn't get to go up in it. Maybe one day they will invite you along!