Friday, September 21, 2012

Along the Mendocino Coast

This was my first time driving northward from the San Francisco area towards Oregon. We typically saw coastlines like this.

Every so often, there are beaches you can stop off and enjoy the views or go kayaking.

At the more popular beaches, you can find mobile businesses such as this one where tourists can rent wetsuits and kayaks to join a sea cave tour.

In the town of Mendocino, California about 160 miles north of San Francisco is the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse. It became operational in 1909. The lens was originally powered by a kerosene oil lamp! Initially, the lens rotated by means of a clockworks mechanism and the light keeper would crank up the chain onto a drum every 2 hours. The clockworks were replaced with an electric motor and the oil lamp with a light bulb when electricity was introduced at the Station in 1935.

In the foreground, you see pictures of the Head Lightkeeper, First and Second Assistant Lightkeeper's residences. On a cold and rainy night, it is a long walk to the lighthouse way in the distance.

If you are interested in seeing some old Point Cabrillo Lighthouse photographs, go to this link.

- Karen


Junka Photography said...

Nice! :)

eileeninmd said...

Beautiful shots of the CA. coastline. And I love the cute lighthouse. Great shots, hope you have a happy weekend!

rainfield61 said...

Some nice shots.

Blue sky and water. said...

I didn't know you could rent wet suits and kayaks like that. How cool. I was last at Cabrillo a couple of years ago. There was a tsunami warning and the waves were just incredible.

Kate said...

Shalom! Today is the International Day of Peace (9/21/12) May you and all countries know and enjoy peace.

The coastline is MORE than just beautiful!!

Emm in London said...

What lovely photos! It looks like you had incredible weather. The first photo is such a great composition, it would look fabulous framed!

I can't believe the chain required cranking every two hours! When did the light keeper sleep? Certainly not during the night. I guess they were nocturnal chaps.

Anonymous said...

It's a wonderful sea and sounds very fun. :)

eastcoastlife said...

I am admiring the cute lighthouse. Curious to see the inside. Amazing shots of CA. coastline, just dying to visit USA this November!

FilipBlog said...

The coast line of California is fantastic. Go and see the sea lions. Thanks for all your visits to my blog.


betchai said...

so beautiful, love the rugged coastline, always so relaxing to the eyes and spirit.

AVCr8teur said...

Junka: Thanks for visiting!

eileeninmd: I hope you are enjoying your weekend as well. Cute is a good way to describe the little lighthouse.

rainfield61: Lucky, there was no fog so I can see the sky and water.

La Principessa Errante: I thought similar businesses are at Ocean Beach in SF? Those monstrous waves must have been some sight.

Kate: Happy International Day of Peace to you too!

Emm: Thanks, I lucked out without any fog that day. I would be late to work regularly if I had to get up every 2 hours.

cocomino: It was fun. The ocean view has a calming effect.

EastCoastLife: I hope the pictures entice you to visit California too.

Filip and Kristel: I did not see any sea lions from this view. During certain seasons, you might spot whales.

Betchai: I agree with you. I am drawing to the sea's views and sounds.

caite said...

what a cute little lighthouse!

lina said...

What a lovely coastline!