Sunday, July 01, 2012

Frozen Lake

As we were leaving Yellowstone, we noticed a huge frozen lake and we had to stop for a photograph.
Although this was taken in May, if you are suffering through a heatwave now, I hope this brings you some relief.

We were not sure how frozen or deep the lake was so we just ventured by the edge.
There was such a stark contrast between the blue sky and the snow.
Living in a place that never snows, this was a treat for us to see.

- Karen


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Beautiful, my Father lives not far from the Park to the southwest. He tells me that that area has two seasons, winter and the fourth of July.

lina said...


A frozen lake somehow managed to make me feel cooler in this hot weather we are having here now. ;)

rainfield61 said...

A frozen lake in summer?

What a contrast.

Jana said...

how cool!

Anonymous said...

It's so cold even it's May.
However, the scene is really beautiful.

FilipBlog said...

I didn't know Yellowstone was so high that it is still freezing. Is it the Seirra Nevada?


Anonymous said...

The clouds blend beautifully with the snow and ice. No heatwave here I'm afraid, just rain, rain and more rain!

AVCr8teur said...

Yogi: The next season is just around the corner. :)

Lina: Just don't look at it during the winter.

rainfield61: I doubt it is frozen anymore.

Jana: I agree.

cocomino: It was a late winter storm. It was like experiencing two seasons, winter and spring in one trip.

Filip and Kristel: This was in May, not now. It just takes me awhile to post all my trip reports. You ask a good question, according to Wikipedia, Yellowstone is part of 4 mountain ranges, Washburn, Red, Gallatin and Absaroka, but not the Sierra Nevadas which is in California and Nevada.

llandudnopictures: Hope the rain subsides so you can enjoy the sun soon. said...

What an absolutely gorgeous sight. I love Yogi's comments, I have heard that too.

eileeninmd said...

Lovely images. Yellowstone is a gorgeous place. I have heard that it can snow during the month of June in Yellowstone. I have been enjoying your trip to Yellowstone.

betchai said...

we just came from Yellowstone Karen, but ours is pretty summery already :) no more snow at all except the mountain peaks. the white stuff always make the landscape look so pristine, but Yellowstone is very inspiring whether white, green or brown. love your shots.

LifeRamblings said...

beautiful snowy landscape.