Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Peak - I Love You

What is "The Peak"?
It is 552 meters or 1811 feet above sea-level and the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island.
Back in the 1800's, wealthy residents were privileged enough to have homes up there to escape the summer heat down below.
Presently, over 7 million visitors come to the "The Peak" annually by tram although I think you can hike up as well.
When I was there last winter, it felt like 7 million people were in line in front of me.

After about a 45 minutes wait, we were able to get on-board and even find a seat. You can't tell from this picture, but we were going uphill on a steep incline.
Some residents still live on this hill and each stop is lit up on the board above.
I think residents would prefer to hike home than to get stuck riding the tram with tourists.

This is the view you can see from the top. It was worth the wait.
If this view looks familiar, you might have seen it on tv or on postcards.
Look past all the skyscrapers and you can see Victoria Harbour as mentioned in my previous blog post.

Look below and you can see homes on the left, the tram track in the center, and a viewing station on the right where visitors can watch trams go by.

Visitors can leave little messages on these "Say I love you at The Peak" cards and hang them there for posterity. We kept two blank ones for souvenir.
I wonder what they do with all the written cards. I think it would be an interesting read if they published them.

- Karen


Anonymous said...

The view is awesome. Thanks for sharing.
There are many high buildings than I expect. said...

It has been Years since I rode the tram to the peak, I see the tram has been replaced, it was old and rickety when I was there, and the cards are new. I agree, what an interesting book!

rainfield61 said...

Love is at the peak too.

lina said...

Looking at the crowd, I think I'd choose to hike up. ^^

FilipBlog said...

This is probably the most fascinating place we visited in Hong Kong. Excellent article.


betchai said...

the view is definitely worth the wait, but maybe, i'll hike up if the wait is that long.

AVCr8teur said...

cocomino: yes, lots of tall buildings everywhere because land is limited so they have to build upward.

La Principessa Errante: Unfortunately, I can't remember what it was like years ago when I rode it the first time, but still feels rickety when you ride on it.

Rainfield61: Love is not the only thing at the peak.

Lina: Part of the fun is riding the tram. Hubby doesn't like hiking so we wait for the tram.

Filip: Thank you. It is a very popular place to view the city day and night.

Betchai: Perhaps next time we will hike up if we had more time to get a different perspective.

eastcoastlife said...

I did not want to join the ridiculous queue to go up to The Peak when I was in Hong Kong as I was only staying for 3 days, limited time. Probably the next time, I will make time for it.

LifeRamblings said...

awww, i absolutely love the Peak. the views are just gorgeous but didn't manage to take the tram as the queue was ridiculously long. your photos bring back wonderful flashbacks. thank you Karen.

Joanne Olivieri said...

Stunning shot of the view from the peak. The shopping is amazing there and everywhere else for that matter in HK.