Friday, March 30, 2012

Marble Factory

In a few of my previous posts, you might recall I mentioned the abundance of natural marble rocks found in the eastern part of Taiwan.
Here we visit a marble factory with an attached museum and all the statues you see were created there.

This fountain reminds me of something one might see in Europe.

The entrance to the factory is lined with cute statues of the twelve Chinese Zodiac figures.

Inside the factory, a loud and dangerous-looking machine saws the thick marble.

A worker polishes the previously sawed marble pieces.

What else did I see at the factory?
A "hand" bench.

Two Maneki Neko or "Beckoning Cats".

And, ahem, what is this?
Someone said it is a back massage chair. :)

- Karen


Anonymous said...

Sounds really interesting. I would like to visit this place. Factory always has fun.

Jana said...

wowww-thanks for the tour! I love the Chinese zodiac sculptures and the last one too:-)))happy weekend!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

It is always nice to see where stuff comes from. Marble is so smooth and shiny it is interesting to see what is needed to cut it.

I love hand bench. Now the back massage chair...

rainfield61 said...

How good the back massage chair is for a back pain? said...

Back Massage - hmmmmmm? I have always wondered what the difference between the left handed and right handed beckoning cat was. Interesting factory, the architecture is really eclectic, and yet it works.

FilipBlog said...

Strange and artistique factory


Zenserly said...

I love the hand bench most! such an interesting place...

Jenny Woolf said...

I was away from home and only had my phone to access blogger. It's not very good for that, and I couldn't post a comment, but I wanted to say that I thought this was a very interesting post with some unusual picturse. Those hands. Wow. I was also struck by how classical the factory looks. Not like my idea of a factory at all.

AVCr8teur said...

Thank you everyone for commenting!

La Principessa Errante: I never really paid attention to the left vs. right paw, but since you mentioned it, I did some research. A raised left paw means "welcoming people or customers" and a raised right paw means "wealth or good fortune".

Jenny: It is an unconventional factory. It looks more like a museum or palace.