Friday, February 24, 2012

Southernmost Points

Does this this rock formation look like a cat, a dog, a pig, ...etc.?
Over the years, enough people have said it looks like a cat lying on its stomach to be given the name of Maoyan (Cat Rock) or Maobitou (Cat's nose & head).
It is a coral reef rock from a nearby cliff that had rolled onto the waters and by some luck, it looks like an animal. And, by chance, it is also one of the two southernmost points of the island.

The southernmost east side of the island is the Eluanbi Lighthouse or sometimes called the "Light of East Asia."
The original lighthouse was built in 1888. Over the years due to age and wars, it was badly damaged and was rebuilt in 1962.
The lighthouse is still functional, but it is more well-known as a tourist stop inside the Kenting National Park. The rain was pouring on the day we visited, so we did not venture far to get a better view.

How does a place have two southernmost points? This is the snapshot of the map that tourists see while at the lighthouse.
If you enlarge it, you can see at the bottom of the map in red is where the lighthouse stands at the eastern side.
On the other side with the white area where the Cat Rock sits is the western point.

- Karen

7 comments: said...

I think it is so fascinating that humans the world around anthropomorphize objects. Beautiful lighthouse.

FilipBlog said...

I was expecting some red in the lighthouse but excellent shot.


rainfield61 said...

That is a beautiful place.

eileeninmd said...

It is cool to see someone fishing down on the cat rock. I love the lighthouse. Great captures! Have a wonderful weekend!

eastcoastlife said...

That's a cute rock! I would love to visit Kenting National Park. My last Taiwan trip was too rushed. :(

betchai said...

i thought at first it is in Ca coast, but when you said coral rock, then I knew it is not from here :) beautiful shot and the map did explain the two southernmost points.

Anonymous said...

I see the cat quite clearly, fantastic!