Sunday, January 08, 2012

On the 89th Floor

After getting off the elevator at the 89th floor, visitors are greeted by the Damper Baby mascot.
What is a Damper Baby? You will soon see...
Everyone wanted a picture by this mascot. I had to wait for awhile before I could get him/her alone for a photograph.

One can get a 360 degree view of the city by walking all around the observation deck. Binoculars are stationed at various locations, but most people just looked out or took photos through the UV-protected windows.

Here are two panoramic views from the 89th floor. Being over 1,200 ft. above ground, I did not really know what I was looking at especially if I am not familiar with the city. So, visitors are offered recorded audio guides that come in 8 different languages to lead them through the area.

Being such a tall building in an area known for earthquakes, typhoons, and strong winds, a damper is housed within the structure to act like a pendulum to counteract the building's movements. At 730 tons, it is the world's largest and heaviest damper and I read it can move 5 feet in any direction.
Visitors can see the damper on the 88th and 89th floors. If there had been any movement to the building, one can see that thing rock. I am glad I did not get to see such action.

I found this picture on Wikipedia of the damper's placement within the building.
You can now see why it is a unique aspect to the building and thus the "Damper Baby" is its mascot.

There is a display touting the building has the fastest elevator in the world rising at 1010 meters/minute (3300 ft/minute). In 2014, the Shanghai Tower, currently being built in China, is scheduled to eclipse its record as being the fastest at 1066 meter/minute (3500 ft/minute).

If visitors are tired of the views, they can sit at the Bigtom cafe to have a drink or dessert. This must be Big Tom.

This is a view of the interior observation deck (89th floor). It is quite spacious with chairs and gift shops.

Many visitors packed the photo area to view or purchase their souvenir photograph taken of them with the building.

- Karen


lina said...

Such an awesome panoramic view of the city.

skywind said...

Great, a very famous city.

Filip said...

The observation floor looks great, I like these very high buildings. Last month we were on the highest building in the world in Dubai.


betchai said...

everything looks so little below at the 89th floor, awesome photos said...

Absolutely fascinating about the dampers. Despite the fact that I would have been right there with you on the observation deck, I still get a little queasy looking at your photos, that is amazingly high up there.

TheAL said...

The view from the deck is amazing! Must be eerie to be so far above the city. Great shot. :)

LifeRamblings said...

the views are absolutely gorgeous and great information. thanks for sharing your wonderful memories.

Emm said...

Those views are just gorgeous, aren't they? I love the concept of the damper! It is amazing what human beings can conceive of.