Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hummingbirds Mealtime Antics

Last week I did a post on these hummingbird babies and I am happy to report they are doing just fine as of Thursday morning despite the heatwave.
In fact, they are getting bigger and with more feathers.

When I first arrived on Thursday, the momma bird fed the baby on the inside of the nest first and then flew away.
I wished I could have gotten a better view, but there were at least 8 photographers to the right of me now.

After the feeding session, the baby who didn't get fed yet kept craning his neck to look for momma and his meal while the full-bellied baby went back to sleep.

Soon after, the momma came back with more food. Now both were fed and the world was right again, at least for this little one.
Their flying days are approaching. Soon they will soar into adulthood and this nature story will have its happy ending.

- Karen


eileeninmd said...

Very cool and great photos of these cute baby hummers. What a neat thing to see , the momma feeding the babies is just wonderful.

lina said...

Great to see the little birdies doing well. :)

With 8 photographers waiting to see their antics, they sure are popular. :)

Mandy said...

*Squeee* Aaaaah, so gorgeous! I am gald they are doing well, despite the heat. I wonder if their colouring will come or if they are both females?

eastcoastlife said...

The babies must be real tiny. Hope they grow strong and soar to the sky soon. :)

William K Wallace said...

You have really captured some great pictures, amongst the crowds! I wonder how long it will be until they are flying?

rainfield61 said...

Did the momma celebrate Mother's Day?

AVCr8teur said...

Eileeninmd: It is neat to see nature in action.

Lina: They didn't seem to mind their new celebrity fame. It must be word of mouth that all these other photographers decided to show up.

Emm: I don't know enough about hummingbirds. Female hummingbirds have less coloring?

EastCoastLife: Both will fit in the palm of your hands. So small and delicate, but they grow up so quickly.

William: Probably in less than a week. Typically from hatching to flying is about 3 weeks.

Rainfield61: Probably not since she was not quite a mother yet during Mother's Day, but next year, she can celebrate.

Ruby's Raiser said...

So glad to read that the little family is doing well. Thanks for the update!