Monday, March 21, 2011

Counting Game

Am I here alone or do I have a twin?

Where did you go?
You were here a minute ago!

Now there are three of me or is it just two?
I am confused for a Monday!

- Karen


Sailor said...

lol... There are four.

Beautiful Picture.

lina said...

Great reflection photos! :)

LifeRamblings said...

lol...cute photos and story. the first reflection is superb.

Ryan said...

I looked in the local pond today and saw no reflection, am I a vampire? Should I be worried?

eileeninmd said...

Beautiful shot and lovely reflections!

betchai said...

funny thoughts and beautiful shots.

Emm said...

Your captions are brilliant! Nicely done!

These are lovely little birds. What are they?

AVCr8teur said...

Sailor: Are you sure there are four?

Lina: After so much rain, we were lucky to have some sunshine and go bird watching.

Life Ramblings: Photographers come to this area to photograph birds all the time. When there's nothing exciting, we have to come up with stories.

Ryan: You only have to worry if you bite yourself.

Eileeninmd: I think the birds were happy there were some sunshine.

Betchai: Thank you for laughing.

Emm: Thanks! They are black-necked stilts and this area is their local hangout.

Interesting Foto said...

love the reflection