Sunday, October 17, 2010

Farmer Mike's Pumpkin

No Halloween is complete without a pumpkin carving.
People initially heard of Farmer Mike in 1986 at the local Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival where he carved pumpkins in public for the first time and has now been performing this annual ritual ever since. For those not familiar with this area, Half Moon Bay is approximately 25 miles south of San Francisco.
What is Farmer Mike carving this year?

Find out what it is in my next post.

- Karen


LifeRamblings said...

it's cool that people take pumpkin carving and make it into interesting patterns.

rainfield61 said...

It is Halloween again?

and I'll see the Cinderella's pumpkin coach.

betchai said...

i have never seen an actual pumpkin carving, wonder how fast it took him, will wait what it is in your next post.

Amber said...

That is one huge pumpkin!! I am curious what it will be.

Anonymous said...

The pumpkin with the face is really cute. Hmmm.. wonder how will the big one looks.. will check out your next post.

AVCr8teur said...

Thanks for your comments and patience. Yes, it is Halloween again. The results are in Tuesday's post.