Friday, August 27, 2010


Everyone guessed the location of my last post correctly. This one is easier. It's Seaworld.

These little fishes are called Silversides and are sold to visitors to feed the stingrays in a shallow tank.

Prior to the main show to begin, this mime entertains the crowd and mimics guests unsuspectingly as they make their way into the theater to find their seats.

- Karen


betchai said...

i love feeding the stingrays and the dolphins at Sea World :)

lina said...

I love the first photo. The vivid contrast of white cloud and blue sky, with the copper colored rocks. Nice. :)

Have never feed a stingraybut eaten plenty of them myself. XD

RoseBelle said...

Oh gosh, I think we were at Seaworld when my son 2 or 3. He's 15 now. That's how long it's been! I bet it has changed alot since I last visited.

rainfield61 said...

To feed the stingray must be very fun.

Joanne Olivieri said...

Great shots, Karen and Seaworld seems like so much fun, have never been there. However, mimes annoy me no end. Just seeing him freaks me out :D

AVCr8teur said...

Betchai: Sometimes I wonder if they might have too much to eat since people love to feed them.

Lina: Thanks about the photo. I wonder what stingray tastes like. I didn't know people eat them.

RoseBelle: I have not been to Seaworld in 15 years and don't think I have been to this one in Orlando. The whale and dolphin shows have not really changed.

Rainfield61: Lots of people try to feed them from the top, but their mouth is really on the bottom and when they take food from you, it feels like a suction.

Poetic Shutterbug: It was fun and I agree that mimes and clowns do freak me out too. :D