Friday, March 19, 2010

Theatre for Sale

Interested in buying a theatre? A historical theatre at that.
Opened in 1929 in Redwood City, California (30 minutes south of San Francisco), the movie and live entertainment Fox Theatre is currently in foreclosure proceedings and will be put up for sale at an auction.

In 1993, the Fox Theatre was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Kcalpesh said...

Looks interestingly built! Nice shots!

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Yvi said...

That looks beautiful...great shot...

But I think it will be too expensive...


Christian BOCHET said...

Karen my means did not allow me to consider such a purchase. It is hoped that this building will be entered in the heritage of the city.
Best regards

Karen mes moyens ne me permettent pas d'envisager un tel achat. Il faut espérer que cet immeuble restera inscrit au patrimoine de la ville.


rainfield61 said...

A better idea is you to buy the theater, and we can come at anytime.

Joanne Olivieri said...

I like Rainfield's idea. It I'm sure will be in the millions. I think we should all put our spare change together and buy it :D

Mandy said...

It is crazy. It is all well and good to list buildings on a national register but all too often they do fall into disrepair or the owners can't afford to keep them up.

Anonymous said...

Can't afford and have no need for one..hehe.