Saturday, February 06, 2010

Brick Tower

Step back in time when you see the decorations outside of this home.
It reminds me of a medieval castle or a dungeon with faux windows.

- Karen


caloy said...

hello.. visiting u here...i hope u can visit my blogs too..

nice photos you got here!

Christian BOCHET said...

Bonjour Karen,

oui c'est vrai on se croirait face à un château du moyen-âge. Je vais essayé de vous envoyer la photo d'un château fort de la Somme et vous verrez pourquoi votre photo m'interpelle.
Je vous expédie la photo par mail.


yes it's true it's like facing a castle of the Middle Ages. I am trying to send you a picture of a castle of the Somme and you'll see why your photo appeals to me.

I sent the photo by mail.

betchai said...

i indeed step back in time with your image, what a wonderful experience it was

rainfield61 said...

I try to imagine how is the life inside the castle...

Anonymous said...

Medieval castle? :)

AVCr8teur said...


Christian: Thank you for those wonderful castle pictures. It really looks beautiful in the snow!

Betchai: Thanks for visiting!

Rainfield61: I can only think of what I see from the scary movies on tv. Very cold and dark!

Mei Teng: It's a brick house with a medieval castle-like decorations.

Haley H said...

I love this image. It has a real fairy tale quality to it.