Friday, October 30, 2009

The Axis

Last weekend photographers were invited to the penthouse suites of a local high rise condominium to photograph its views and interiors.
At 6:30AM from the 21st floor balcony, one could see the lonely, yet peaceful city below.

Another vantage point oversees a deserted thoroughfare with only the street lamps to light up the night.

In the distance is a look in on the domed City Hall and its lit up offices. Hmmm, shouldn't they turn off the lights to save energy?

At 7AM, several photographers are continuing creating their art on the balcony at the other end of the building.

Have a nice weekend!

- Karen


Jim Klenke said...

What a view, those are some beautiful shots.

rainfield61 said...

Wonder was the sunrise be visible from this building.

Have a nice weekend, to you, and to me.

AVCr8teur said...

Jim K: Thanks! Wished I get to live there to see those same views every day.

Rainfield61: Lots of tall buildings in the area, but yes, you can see it over the buildings. Have a nice weekend too!

LR Photography said...

Great night scenes Karen!

Unknown said...

karen, these photos are lovely!