Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chicago's Finest in San Francisco

Many of you might have read about the tragic shooting death of four Oakland police officers last week. This past Friday, police department representatives from all over the world attended the memorial service held at Oakland's Oracle Arena.
Eight representatives from the Chicago Police Department drove 38 hours through a snowstorm in Wyoming to Oakland to show their support.

During my photo outing this past Saturday, I happened to see Chicago's finest out and about in San Francisco. I went over to introduce myself and thanked them for coming all this way to offer their support for the families and our community. They were very nice and allowed me to snap a picture of them by their patrol car.

Thank you guys and have a safe trip home!

- Karen


skywind said...

Oh, Chicago police officers, to pay tribute to you.
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betchai said...

oh wow, i admire your for being able to take a picture of them, it is indeed really great of them to come and show their support.